Wheelchair and Disabled access

Vehicles with Disabled Access

We offer a range of wheelchair accessible vehicles from Peugeots E7's to Ford Transits. The E7 can carry a maximum of 1 wheelchair and 3 other persons. Our Ford Transits can carry a maximum of four wheelchairs, or a combination of wheelchairs and other passengers. Details are available upon request.

Our Wheelchair access Service includes:

  • Professional and courteous drivers who will cater for all your needs
  • Vehicles tailored for all your requirements
  • Professional Satellite Navigation systems to ensure as far as possible that there are no delays in reaching your destination
  • Passenger transfers from all U.K. airports, ports and stations

Peugeot E7

Peugeot E7With seating capacity for up to 5 passengers, every last detail of the E7 has been designed and engineered to the highest specification. As one of today's hard working taxi drivers you could be driving Europe's smoothest, safest, most reliable, value for money taxi.

This model includes the following features:

  • Two-way intercom system between driver and passenger comprising of a two way switch with LED warning light in both driver and passenger compartments. Motion locking system (all passenger doors lock automatically at over 3 m.p.h.)
  • Wheelchair access with lightweight, one piece folding ramp
  • Separate rear passenger compartment two-speed heater
  • Passenger side step